... rereading materials of the tradition using modern-day languages of expression...


nuovi materiali antichi

Numa is a research laboratory where traditional materials such as pewter, wood, glass are explored with the aid of today's expressive languages. Reinterpreting these materials through design, the Numa project, led by Roberto Zani refeshes the distinctive characters of these ancient materials in contemporary objects produced in limited editions or short series. The Numa project began with the Metallia pewter collection, followed by Just for Flowers, a family of vases in a limited edition designed by Ettore Sottsass, Scatole Segrete and Tavole, made of plywood, pewter and Murano glass, the Custodie collection by Giuseppe Rivadossi and the Tredici Vasi collection by Mario Botta.

Mario Botta


The collection designed By Mario Botta is made up of 13 vases, 6 of which are now produced by Numa in a limited edition of 19 pieces. Each vase is obtained from slabs of cast pewter, modelled and welded by hand, finished in craftsment-like manner with operations of brushing and polishing.


Ettore Sottsass



Giuseppe Rivadossi


The case (Custodia) is a small "ark" that welcomes and protects the things dearest to us, the case is the house of our memory, it is a mark of love and a sign of how we ourselves feel loved and cherished. The collection designed by Giuseppe Rivadossi is made up of 5 cases produced by Numa, in a limited edition of 14 pieces.