Giuseppe Rivadossi

The earth, the sky, the air, the water, the trees, the forests, are our home, our refuge, our custodies.

Contemporary Projects / Giuseppe Rivadossi

Giuseppe Rivadossi

Nave (Brescia) 1935

Working mainly in wood, such as Linden, Walnut, European Cherry, and Oak, Rivadossi rediscovers and reinvents these materials in each individual object he creates. Working from their workshop in Italy, Officina Rivadossi they create wooden objects such as chairs, tables, beds, cabinets and objects. All pieces must be pleasingly practical as well as functional to the available living space.

Rivadossi’s sculptural treatment to these wooden objects is inspired by the primitive carvings of the Paleolithic age, and the tools used to create them. By employing such references he is able to be discrete and respectful of the material, striving to retain the extraordinary presence of nature and the glamour of the original wood prior to being crafted. Assemblage and block carving are the techniques adopted. Giuseppe Rivadossi’s work is aimed at creating a poetic domestic space, at serving and humanizing space with new structures linked to ancient traditions.

Giuseppe Rivadossi, furniture designer and sculptor, was born in Nave (Brescia) in 1935, where he lives and works. He had the first exhibition of his work in 1968 and still regularly exhibits throughout Italy today. Officina Rivadossi was founded 1978 and is currently runs by Giuseppe with his sons Emanuele and Clemente. Wood is the main material and the maximum respect for its individual characteristics is consistently maintained from concept to production. Rivadossi's pieces are in major private and public collections including: The Aga Khan , The MIIAO Museum of Applied Arts (Turin), The Museum of Contemporary Arts (Verona),  Museum of Modern Art (New York).