Marcello Panza

... a synthesis of the ancestral relationship between design thought and matter

Contemporary Projects / Marcello Panza

Marcello Panza


The seven pieces forming the collection Mesogeos, imagined by Marcello Panza and created on a lathe by Arcea Ceramiche, represent an unbroken line between design and thinking that connects intuition and realisation in an almost ancestral relationship with the materials used. While these everyday objects have a strong symbolic impact, the plasticity of their material reminds us of their origins in the mist of time. Archaic in the strength of their presence and in their deep black colour, these objects evoke the first artefacts of humankind. They encapsulate the forms which have always excited the curiosity of designers, and at the same time they call out for the wise hand of the artisan who knows these materials inside out. Here long and elegant motifs spread out in a fan-like structure akin to stone vegetables, simulating perhaps a nostalgic cry for the perfect vase. Mouths open like craters to remind us of the energy hidden deep in the earth that generates them. The black colour then comes alive, becoming both an opaque reflection on the dark background or a burst of metallic colour which recalls the fire from which these objects came. 

Images by Gaetano del Mauro.


Marcello Panza

Napoli 1964


Working since 1983 from his Studio Minimo (minimal studio) in Aversa (Naples), Panza makes works which take a holistic approach and range from interior design and graphic design to product development and environmental communication. Narration is a key marker of his work, and is expressed through a visual language that is clear, uncompromising and eschews over-excitement. In his creations, Panza systematically investigates the properties of the different materials he employs. Materials here become the key elements of his compositions, visible either in the details of a decoration or in the purity of their aesthetic contours. More often than not it’s the soul itself that is the hidden element of the things he makes.